Mariners go gluten-free

The world of gluten-free (GF) living is changing dramatically as more and more people and organizations are learning about celiac disease and the harmful effects of gluten for many around the world. There are gluten-free bakeries, restaurants and factories. Now – one of Seattle’s own sports teams is going gluten-free.

Not entirely of course, that would be very unfortunate for those individuals who are not required to have  GF diet. However, on August 31, 2010 the team is having a special GF section of the ballpark where those with celiac disease or others on a GF diet can get tickets for a discounted price (nearly 50% off) and all sit together enjoying a ballgame and some traditional foods with a GF twist.

The team’s website touts that GF hotdogs and nachos will be available along with GF fish and chips. AWESOME! For more information about the game and how to get in on the discount, visit the Mariner’s website. I am planning to be there, will you?

Has anyone heard of any other sports team or organization doing this? Does anyone have any insight into how this came about? I would love to hear more about it.


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