Save time. Make life easier. Very good.

Since my diagnosis, my life has centered around food in a way I couldn’t have begun to imagine. Reading every label. Scrutinizing every meal placed in front of me for traces of gluten. Ensuring I use the right container of butter when cooking to avoid cross-contamination.

It’s a little overwhelming and kind of exhausting. So when it comes to cooking my meals, the idea of dirtying up 3 pans and standing in the kitchen for 30-40 minutes is less than appealing.

Ziploc Zip’nSteam bags to the rescue! Without many other starchy choices, baked potatoes are becoming a staple in my diet. But it can take over 45 minutes to cook a baked potato in the oven. Lame.

I tested out cooking a whole potato in one of these bags and it cooked perfectly (with a skin that is more soft than crispy, but I don’t mind that) in only 6 minutes! Are you kidding me? A delicious baked potato from thought to stomach in 10 minutes or less? Perfection.

This little beauty also does wonders with an assortment of vegetables and meats. There is even an easy to read and use guide with cooking times for common ingredients on the outside of each bag. Asian stir fry cooked in 3 minutes. Steamed mushrooms and zucchini to accompany my steak cooked in 2 minutes. No butter or oil is required for cooking (but you can add some if you like) and it is all evenly seasoned inside the bag if you shake it up a little before cooking. The best part? NO CLEAN UP. The bag can be tossed when done (I like to reuse once on the baked potatoes as there isn’t a lot of excess gunk and liquid in the bag).

This product rules and I recommend it for anyone. You can find them at any grocery store with the other Ziploc bags. Great for vegetarians, celiacs and non-restricted dieters alike!


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