I’m a winner!

Earlier this week, awards for the Top Gluten Free Living Blogs were announced by Online Health Care Degrees, and My Celiac Life made the list!

According to their website, “All of these well written blogs will give you invaluable information on living a gluten free lifestyle.” Quite a compliment if you ask me. You may notice a shiny, new badge on my sidebar showing that this is a “Top Blog”

I didn’t enter for anything, so I am not sure exactly how they found me, but I am honored to be recognized with the likes of Gluten Free Girl and Celiac Chicks. Being included on the list has re-energized me and I will be posting much more frequently. I have had some life transition recently (new job) but I am ready to write some posts and talk about celiac again. Heaven knows I do it enough in my daily life.

Congratulations to the other winners and I look forward to interacting with you all again soon. If I start slacking, let me know!


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