A Great Gift

Since I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, friends and family from all over have been reaching out to try and help through the transition. They have called or texted when they find out certain foods or restaurants are gluten free, and even picked these items up for me when they see them. Buying a good gift for someone can be a difficult task anyway, and this holiday I got a simple, beautiful gift that will come in handy.

My mom went to her local health/organic store and started looking around at all the gf items. Instead of a gift card, she bought me different gf items: pasta, crackers, pretzels, snack bars and more, and placed them in a nice wicker basket wrapped in cellophane.

It can be hard to pick out things that are gluten free – there are so many new brands and tastes to choose from it can be overwhelming. Plus, gf items are often more expensive than “regular” and I have a hard time making a $7 gamble on a couple cookies that could be gross. So, when someone else buys them I get a chance to try an assortment without fronting the cash, and I know what to pick up (or not) next time I’m at the store.

So, many new additions to “good or bad” will be coming soon! I know I like the first bag of pretzels…much better than the hideous ones I picked!

Thanks mom. 🙂


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