The “life” stuff

As this blog is entitled My Celiac LIFE, I think it’s about
time I write a little about the rest of my current lifestyle. Of
course, there is some celiac info sprinkled throughout. When I was
diagnosed, people often said (and still say), “That sucks, but you
are going to lose so much weight!” I thought so at first too, but
alas, no. I’m the same ol’ average me, which is quite honestly, a
little bigger than “average.” Now that I’ve been off the gluten for
a few months, I’m starting to feel healthier. I have more energy
and I’m not as hungry or inclined to constantly eat as I used to
be. (My previous inability to properly absorb nutrients from my
food made me feel like I constantly needed to be eating, even when
I knew I wasn’t actually hungry.) So, I’ve started going to the gym
and I’m working on reducing my calories so I can lose the weight
too. I get up at 4:40 every morning to catch my buses to work and
gym and get in about an hour before work. I’m starting a running
routine – I want to do a 5k this spring in the name of celiac. I’m
starting at the absolute beginning (jogging one minute with six
minutes of walking in between) and the guide says I should be able
to run 30 minutes together in eight weeks. It’s almost the end of
week two and I’m feeling skeptical at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll
get there. I just wish there were more gf meal bars and things that
keep you full and rebuild muscle…I’ve yet to find a good one.
Look out for a guest post from a personal trainer/nutritionist in
the coming weeks with advice for celiacs looking to lose weight.
Ok, so that turned out to be a lot about celiac, but like the title
says, this is my celiac life now.


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