White Box Pies Bakery & Cafe – Spokane

This weekend we went to Spokane, WA for a little family trip. Family vacations are used to be a time when I looked forward to the times we would stop for quick bites on the road and keep driving – stomachs full of greasy deliciousness. Ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease…that is no longer the case.

Now, traveling means packing a lot of munchies that I know are safe for me to eat, sitting in the car eating an apple while the smell of french fries and burgers wafts from the other occupants of the vehicle (with my blessing – I don’t want others to suffer because of my dietary needs), and wondering when we will find somewhere that I can have something more than the random items I was able to throw together 2 days ago when we left.

So, when I do find something that has gluten free options I have to rave about it! My husband (who wants me to eat more than the random stuff I pack as much or more than I do) spotted this little gem, which I will frequent whenever we go to Spokane and you should too.

White Box Pies is a family owned business just across the street from the Sonic Drive In (where hubby and the little guy ate) and they have a plethora of gluten free choices. This includes, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts (oh, the desserts). On this occasion, I ordered a turkey croissant (on a gf bun) with a side salad. The turkey sandwich was delicious – lots of turkey, with several flavors going on at once. The sandwich has cream cheese and provolone with cranberries, lettuce and tomato – yum. One of the things I liked most was that the bun didn’t fall apart when I was eating my sandwich – too many gluten free breads are crazy kinds of crumbly – and it had that nice sweet flavor that worked well with the cranberries on the sandwich.

I spoke with one of the owners and she let me know that they use a puff pastry type of batter for their buns for this very reason. I saw some chocolate eclairs and cream puffs that had a similar looking bread on them and I can imagine how delicious they were! The bread of my sandwich had a nice layered look like a traditional croissant would have, and that was nice to see.

I was a little overwhelmed with the salad choices – they all looked delicious. There was a broccoli raisin salad; cranberry, apple & walnut salad; cucumber& tomato salad; potato salad; and pea salad – all gluten free. I opted for the broccoli raisin and it was fantastic! The most I have ever enjoyed broccoli. It was sweet (they told me it had pineapple in addition to the raisins) some carrots, bacon and a light, sweet dressing. Honestly, it was fabulous.

Next time, I will get one of the unbelievably delicious looking desserts and blog about that heavenly experience. The main problem will be deciding if I want a pie, cheesecake, lemon bar, eclair, cream puff, cobbler, brownie tort, bread pudding, or…

Have you been to White Box Pies? Or, have you discovered a gem like this near you that we should all check out? Let me know!


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