GFree Connect

A while back now, the folks at GFree Connect asked if I would be willing to sample their offering and include the information on my blog. My thoughts? Can you send me free gluten free food (and we all know that ain’t cheap) to sample and write about? Heck yes! (So, sidenote to all of you out there reading this – if you sell GF products that you want me to review, let me know and I would be willing to sample them. But, I will not lie and say I like your product just because you sent it to me…so be ready for my honest feedback).

Moving right along. The folks at GFree Connect have a pretty interesting offer: from my understanding, you sign up for a quarterly “care package” that has a sampling of several different options that you can try out. Kind of like a jelly of the month club…something I have never been a member of, but I understand how it works. The quarterly sampling doesn’t cost as much as it would to buy all these products outright at the store (some are sample sizes and some are full size) and you can try different types of pretzels, chips, cookies, sauces, etc before shelling out tons of food at the store for something you determine is gross and that you would never buy again. If you have to buy gluten free food – I would be willing to bet you have experienced this crap-shoot before.

Also, it is good for any of the companies whose food they distribute because their target audience finds out about them without having to do massive amounts of marketing – or hope that theirs is the item that gets grabbed off the shelf. There were items in my care package that I hadn’t seen before and I was excited to try them (not all were fantastic, but I will do reviews of the individual products in future posts).

So, in short, I would recommend signing up for GFree Connect – at least for a while – to try the options that are out there. Take it from someone who paid $7 for a smallish bag of “pretzels” that turned out to be horrific tasting, if I would have sampled them in the package I would never have bought them and would have sung the praises of the company that helped me avoid this misfortune. I can’t speak for the value that comes out of continuing to receive the packages (if they start having repeat items after a while…I couldn’t say). However, with the plethora of new GF items that are popping up out there every day, I would bet this wouldn’t be a problem that soon.

So, I think this is a good service for those of us with celiac or who otherwise eat gluten free. Have you signed up for this? What are your thoughts?


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