Garlic Jim’s – Gluten Free Pizza

 Garlic Jim’s – oh, how I love thee! The gluten free pizza at Garlic Jim’s is fantastic. I get the chicken-bacon-ranch pizza, but they have plenty to choose from, including hawaiian, pepperoni, meat lovers, and less common varieties. They do offer non-gluten free pizzas from their locations, but they put in a lot of great effort to avoid cross contamination. They use separate slicers and pizza pans for the gluten free and non, and they don’t toss non-gluten-free flour in their gluten free locations – they even use gluten-free flour on the regular pizzas once they are in the store.

So, their crust is awesome. It is thin and crispy (which I really like) and just a little bit sweet (they told me that they put some sugar in the crust) so it works really well with the pizza flavoring. My husband will even eat this pizza – and enjoy it as much as regular pizza. That is a plus. I had my boss at work try it, and she liked it so much that she bought it (more than once) for her whole family of 5. Nice!

The gluten free pizza is $3 more than regular pizza, but I get that. Gluten Free flour is crazy kinds of expensive. Unfortunately, because Garlic Jim’s is “gourmet” pizza, their price is a little higher than some other pizzas, so it can be difficult to convince my hubby that this is a good dinner option. The gluten free pizza only comes in one size, so I can’t just get myself a small pizza and have them get something else, which can be bothersome. To be honest, I would prefer to have half of the large pizza for dinner and save the rest for lunch the next day. 🙂

So, in short, Garlic Jim’s gluten free pizza is crazy good. And, those of you who read about the time I tried to make my own pizza crust probably aren’t surprised that I don’t plan on doing that again any time soon, so I am at the mercy of the crusts I can buy out there. Anyway, try it. There are location all over. They deliver. There are tons of options. It’s delicious.

Do you like Garlic Jim’s gluten free pizza? Do you have a pizza you like better that I should try?


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