Glutino Pretzels – GOOD

When it comes to gluten free pretzels, there aren’t really a ton of options, but when I found Glutino, I was hooked. I have had the pretzel twists and pretzel sticks, but they also have some with sesame seeds on them. They have a nice buttery flavor and my hubby says that he likes them better than regular pretzels.

They have a good consistency and they are good with meat and cheese (cracker substitute) or just to munch on. I have even done pretzels with peanut butter, which is pretty yummy.

Not much else to say, but I think they are GOOD and worth trying out. What are your thoughts? Have you tried them and do you like or dislike them? Do you like some better?



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2 responses to “Glutino Pretzels – GOOD

  1. Glutino pretzels, like many “gluten-free” baked goods, have so much xanthan gum in them they give me serious digestive issues.

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