Gluten Free Dieting

Like so many women (and men) out there, I have always struggled with my weight. I’m one of those “average” sized girls that in today’s world is really much bigger than is publicly adored. I know that I need to eat better and work out more, but I am definitely someone that gets all excited and starts something, and then I slip a little and soon…I’m completely off the wagon. (Can I get an “Amen!” if you’re in the same boat?)

I have always thought that those diet plans that send you all the pre-prepared meals would be ideal for me. I only eat what they provide and there aren’t other options – easy. Diet is definitely my biggest problem. The only hitch in this plan is…none of them offer gluten free meals! Where is the Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem and other plans for us people with celiac disease? Most diet books suggest to substitute with “whole wheat” pasta, bread, etc. which is obviously not an option for me, so it is a little unmotivating.

Many of these have vegetarian plans, or other choices for people with different dietary needs…where is mine? Can you help a lady out and set up a gluten free meal delivery plan please? I promise there is a market for it.

So, just to (hopefully) prove my point, if you would like to have this option, please leave a comment. Hopefully, if we raise our voices enough, someone will come up with an affordable (key word) gluten free meal delivery diet system for all of us. Would you like this? I sure know I would!


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