Cupcake Royale

Recently, a coworker who is also gluten free celebrated a birthday. Her boss went to Cupcake Royale and bought some boxes of mini cupcakes. I have always heard good things from my gluten-eating friends, but I had never heard that they had gluten free options available. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got a call from this coworker that there was an extra GF mini cupcake if I wanted to try one! (She works in a different department so I wasn’t on the short list of people that got a cupcake in round one of distribution).

It was the day after her birthday when I got this call, so the cupcake was a day old, which is important to remember in my review.

First, it was a beautiful, delicious looking little morsel, as you can see. When I talked to my coworker, she said that the non-GFers that tried these complained about them and said they were “gross”. I didn’t let this deter me, I get the GF is different and so I attributed it to that. However, this was a very chocolatey cupcake…which is the best at masking GF differences in my experience.

So, I tried it and was…a little let down. It was very dry (possibly due to the second day problem) and wasn’t as sweet as I would expect. The frosting was awesome (naturally GF) but its flavor didn’t overcompensate for the not-so-chocolatey cake.

I was clearly not impressed by this cupcake, but I don’t think this review is 100% fair since it was a day old cupcake. I’m willing to try again, but with a little skepticism. Have you had the GF cupcakes from Cupcake Royale and had a different experience? The same? Any other cupcakes you would recommend?


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