Awesome Homemade Gluten Free Fries

I have been trying to eat healthy while eating gluten free, but every once in a while you just want something delicious. Today, I was really craving French fries, but fast food fries can be a problem because they are often cooked in the same oil as chicken nuggets, onion rings or other breaded things (cross contamination nightmare!)

So, I looked online for a recipe to make easy and delicious fries at home. My big problem? I don’t have a fryer…so how do you get those delicious and crispy fries we all love?

I found this recipe for fries and tried it out tonight. The potatoes get cooked in the microwave and then placed in a small amount of oil in the oven – and they were awesome! They use only four ingredients (including cornstarch) and they turned out awesome! I recommend making these yourself. Next time, I might add a little chili powder, but they were pretty amazing! If you try these yourself, let me know what you think.


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