Plentils from Enjoy Life – 98% GOOD


Recently, Enjoy Life Foods sent me their newest chips, Plentils after my review of their no oats oatmeal cookies (which I love by the way).

As you can see, the box they sent over included all four varieties: light sea salt, margherita pizza, garlic & Parmesan and sour cream & dill.

I must admit, the name and concept of these chips freaked me out a bit (what will a lentil chip taste like?) so I put them off for about a week. I brought the light sea salt bag into work and taste-tested with my non-GF coworkers to get their opinions too. The opinion? The name is definitely weird and off-putting (it wasn’t just me!) but the chips are pretty good. The first one you eat has a different flavor, but once you get to the second one they become pretty addictive.

At home, I brought out the margherita pizza flavor during a football game we were watching on TV. My 8-year old chose the flavor, and everyone (there were four of us total and I’m the only GF one in the group) snacked through the whole bag during the game.

I really liked the garlic & parm as well, but didn’t get to try the dill and sour cream because my husband ate the whole bag before I got a chance (good sign on taste)! The chips themselves are light and airy and reminded me of the consistency of a very thin pork rind. I always liked those as a kid so it’s a good thing in my mind. Also, they have some protein in them, which isn’t the case with most chips.

So overall, these are good and worth trying. The only overwhelming feedback I got? Change the name. We all get where you were going (after you really read the bag) but in the store people probably will not give it that much time. Aside from the lentil concern and what a chip of lentils all mashed up may taste like, the mashing of these two words made people generally think of two, rather unappetizing words. In general, women saw the word “placenta” (yuck) when glancing at the bag. And the guys? They all said their eyes “removed the l’s and t’s” leaving a male body part word behind…another yuck.

Again, consumers – give them a try. Producers – consider a name change if sales aren’t where you hoped they would be.

Have you tried these chips? What did you think about taste? About the name? Do you have a favorite flavor or other chip I should try?


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