An Ode To Chex

I wish I may, I wish I might
For normalcy in my celiac life.
Cookies, candy, dinners and lunch,
Always searching for ok foods to munch.

Sure there are options throughout the store,
But few and far between – through labels we pore!
I love my specialty brands, don’t get me wrong.
They make life delicious and keep gluten free strong.

But sometimes it’s nice to be like everyone else.
To buy the same brands – not just those from the “special” shelf.
That’s why I love Chex – with options galore:
Rice, corn, honey nut and cinnamon in every grocery store!

No afterthoughts here, no “oh, by the way”
This brand’s front an center – the celiac way!
Not just gluten free “options” alternatives to the best
Chex came right out and put its brand to the test.

For those of us who are gluten free,
I say “thank you” to Chex, for caring (times 3).



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