The Bread Battle

Bread is one of those staple food you don’t think about too much until you go gluten free. You don’t realize how delicious that stuff is until you have had some truly bad gluten free bread (we all have). So, here are my best and worst:

1) Udi’s it doesn’t matter the execution or exact product. You just can’t go wrong with Udi’s.
2) Franz gluten free mountain white They just started carrying this at my local grocery store and I really like it! One benefit – they don’t store it frozen. I hate when they do that.

1) Ener-G Tapioca Loaf I hate this stuff (sorry guys) and I don’t know that I’ve ever met or communicated with anyone that prefers it to a brand like Udi’s…you know…something that represents the bread “real people” eat. This isn’t the bread I dream about. I’d rather go without.

Ok. Those are my three (I’ve tried many, many more). What re your best and worst breads?



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2 responses to “The Bread Battle

  1. Udi’s is good only by default, it’s the only one in the freezer section. I totally feel you on the not having real bread. I hate how Udi’s scratches the roof of my mouth, and has to be toasted! Remember the days of grabbing the Wonder Bread and complaining that it gets to mushy…… me too!

    • @glutenputin personally, I like Udi’s and would buy it every time if they had it at my local grocery store, but they don’t stock it. If it doesn’t start out frozen, I think it does well without toasting, but I’ve been eating it for a while so I’ve gotten used to it! Are you buying bread that’s frozen every time or do you think it scratches the roof of your mouth from fresh too? If you haven’t already, try the Franz. I bet you could order it fresh online. Good luck in the bread battle moving forward!

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