Gluten Free Valentine’s Candy

So, as Valentine’s Day is only a couple days away, I wanted to dedicate this post to gluten free candy. You can’t go in a grocery store this time of year without being bombarded with candy and chocolates galore – and many of us will give in to temptation, so it’s best to know what’s safe and what isn’t.

When I started to do some research for the post, I found an article on that covered the topic very nicely. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I would just link to it from here.

A couple of candies I love that didn’t make the list include:
Hot Tamales which are gluten free according to the manufacturer, but it’s important to read packaging to ensure it was processed in a GF facility.
Skittles which say gluten free on the packaging and I personally have never had a problem with.
– Swedish fish and sour patch kids are gluten free according to the manufacturer. And nothing says “I love you” like a red gummy fish. 🙂

For a full (possibly outdated) list of GF candy from the Celiac Disease Foundation. Have a safe and sweet holiday everyone! What is your favorite candy?



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2 responses to “Gluten Free Valentine’s Candy

  1. Oh gosh, so nice to know Skittles are okay. I also feel very lucky to have never liked Twizzlers; I know a few people (like my mom) who wouldn’t find life worth living without their Twizzlers. I am going to miss the Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bars, though. Until I start making my own, that is!

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