Gluten Free Makeup

When you have celiac disease, you realize very quickly that gluten is in much more than just food. Things like medication, make up, and lotion can often contain this sneaky ingredient. I don’t know about you, but the ingredients list for most make up is like reading Greek to me. So, how do you know if the make up, medication, or anything else you are putting on or in your body is gluten-free?

The best solution I have found is to identify a company that believes in providing gluten-free products. When it comes to make up and body products Arbonne is (in my opinion) the best choice.

They disclose their ingredients in plain English and have full lists of what products are gluten-free, vegan, etc. almost everything is gluten free and all their products are high quality. The drawbacks? It is a bit pricey (high quality, as I said) and you can only buy it through an independent consultant (like Mary Kay). A friend of mine is a consultant and has her own website. Her name is Mindy and she does a great job thoroughly looking into gluten free and making sure everything is safe for those of us with celiac disease. Check it out.

Do you have any other brands that you recommend for GF makeup I should look into?



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8 responses to “Gluten Free Makeup

  1. Amanda

    Have you seen the Gluten Free Makeup Gal blog? It’s really informative and she thoroughly researches every company before recommending them. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend at this point, as I’ve just started looking into gluten-free makeup (all my body wash and hair products and lotions are gluten-free though). I do like Arbonne in general, though.

  2. bridget29

    Wow, I never actually paid attention to make up and other products. I wonder if Herbal Essences sells gluten free shampoos…

    • I don’t use herbal essence, so I don’t know for sure. But I found this article that may help you. In the comments, someone said they called the mfr who says they don’t “intentionally” add gluten into the product. Good luck!

      • Through a lot of miserable research, I have found that Dove is the only major supermarket brand that is committed to GF shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, soaps and lotions.I’m amazed at the difference in how I feel and my skin, scalp and body look after making the change. The hardest part in all the hygiene stuff if finding reliably gluten free female products like tampons or pads. Some Kotex lines are GF, but most Tampax and Always products aren’t. The difference in changing these things was major and well worth the switch, though I do miss those dumb wings. 😉

      • Whoa…honestly never considered feminine hygiene products as not being GF. Crazy!

  3. ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley and I just started working for a company called Jamberry and being a gluten free diva myself i was excited to learn that their nail wraps are gluten free and safe for those with celiac! They also make them for little girls! Here is the website for you to check out! I would love to send you some samples if you would do a review on it!!!

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