Chai Tea Latte Gluten Free?

I am the 1%. The 1% of adults in this country (more specifically in Seattle) who don’t drink coffee. (Insert gasp here). I do, however, love a good chai tea latte.

Once I got diagnosed with celiac and went gluten free, I became very skeptical of anything thicker than its counterparts. It led me to wonder if my delicious, creamy chai tea latte was thickened with gluten.

Thankfully, this tasty treat is gluten free whether in its powdered or liquid forms – yay! So, that is one more thing I can have just like I used to (without modification) which is always a treat.

Note: Tazo Chai Tea (liquid) and Oregon Chai (liquid) are both gluten free and this is what Starbucks uses. When I researched other chai teas (liquid and powder) they all claim to be gluten free as well.

Is there a drink you used to love that isn’t GF (Orange Julius anyone!)? Have you found a liquid or powdered chai that is not gluten free?



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10 responses to “Chai Tea Latte Gluten Free?

  1. Jen S

    If you’re still craving Orange Julius, I used to have a home knock off recipe. It was made from OJ concentrate, milk, sugar, vanilla and ice and was pretty tasty. I’ll look for it if you’re interested.

  2. Hi there – I just found this site for my search of “is chai tea gluten free” (I’m also celiac).and I’m VERY happy to see your article confirms that it is! Like you I also kicked the coffee habit about 6 months ago & have been enjoying the difference ever since. So thanks for posting this.

  3. I am so glad I found this information! I was craving a chai tea latte but was hesitant about drinking one. I am new to this GF business and nervous about anything I put in my mouth.

  4. Tonya

    This is the best news!!!! I was worried about drinking them. I’m also new to the gf lifestyle but loving the way I feel so much after only 3 weeks. Thank you!

  5. liz

    Just be careful if you are GF and dairy free. The soy milk Starbucks uses for there lattes is NOT GF.

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