SlimKicker Contest: Win a Slow Cooker!

It’s official – the first contest on My Celiac Life is underway!

This contest is courtesy of SlimKicker – a super cool app/site that helps you lose weight and get healthy one challenge at a time. You pick a challenge – like no snacks after dinner or walking 10 minutes a day – and earn points when you meet each goal.

So, how do you win this little contest and what is up for grabs?

All you have to do is suggest some new challenges. After a week they will pick the best one and ship out the prize! (US entries only for shipping reasons. Sorry guys!)

You make your suggestion via comments on this blog post.

What can you win? This awesome slow cooker. A slow cooker is one of my best friends in the kitchen. Will this slow cooker be your new best friend?

Leave your comments now – contest ends at midnight (Pacific) on Tuesday, April 16th.

Good luck!

SlimKicker also has lots of promo codes such as this page with Bowflex promotional codes.



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13 responses to “SlimKicker Contest: Win a Slow Cooker!

  1. Cindy Brunk

    I’m in the middle of my second challenge!
    #1 was to lose 7 pounds
    #2 current challenge is putting on 10 pounds of lean muscle
    #3 next one is training to climb Mt. Hood

    Challenges are important for success!

    • Those are awesome goals Cindy – I know you will meet them all. The SlimKicker app provides small change suggestions as challenges that anyone can implement. So, what little changes are you making each day (walk with a backpack on for 20 minutes, put on ankle weights, push-ups, etc) that could be a challenge others could implement to meet their long term goals?

  2. Haley lambert

    My idea for a challenge is to incorporate one serving of veggies with every main meal. This is something I try to do. I need a new slow cooker! I just busted off the handle on mine.

    In case it ups my chances: drinking a gallon of water a day (also something I try to do).

    Exercising a minimum of 20 min a day.

    Doing one timed plank a day.

    You’re welcome:)

  3. Angela B.

    Saw this giveaway in my twitter. My idea for a challenge would be to get out and spend some time in the outdoors for at least 30 mins a day. If its a workday, go out for a walk during lunch, or go to the park after work. Get your vitamin D – it helps with your mood.

  4. Elia

    Some of my suggestions would be taking the stairs anytime it’s 5 flights or less, or challenging yourself to choose a fruit or vegetable (especially without condiments like peanut butter or dip) when you are looking for a between meals snack.

    I only have a baby slow cooker, so a bigger one would be awesome!

  5. Jessica Rock

    My challenge ideas are:

    Eat at least 1 serving of green vegetables each day


    No eating/snacking after 7:30pm.


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  7. Melodie Hurst

    5 years ago, I started doing a small workout every morning. I base it on my old PE class. I do a series of pushups, situps, jumping jacks,v sit – stretching, etc. I started with 10 of each and worked my way to 50 each. I don’t go pass 50 – because I think if the workout is too long…I won’t do it. I still do these everyday, and they just make me feel better. Try it…it’s pretty easy, takes no workout gear, and doesn’t take alot of time!
    Melodie Hurst

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