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Boka Restaurant Seattle Gluten Free

My work has me at an event at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle today, and their restaurant is called Boka. I always get nervous when I’m on site at an event and subject to whatever food might be available – and whatever chef might be cooking that day (if they know/care about the needs of those of us with celiac), etc.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with Boka. Their menu has several gluten free options – and they are noted right on the menu (always a plus). That helps to ensure in my mind that the staff all know why gluten free is important, and not just a fad.

I got the blackened salmon tostada, and it is delicious. It has a great mixture of flavors and textures (crunchy corn tortilla, mixed greens, flaky salmon and whipped avocado mousse that I loved). It is savory, with some nice tartness (lime), spice and saltiness that balances together well.

The staff I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable. They knew about celiac disease and how to handle food for me. They even came out and offered me a gluten free dessert – the “melon medley”. I’m not gonna lie, this dessert is pretty awesome! Check out the picture below. The perfect cap to a delicious lunch in downtown Seattle.




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Chai Tea Latte Gluten Free?

I am the 1%. The 1% of adults in this country (more specifically in Seattle) who don’t drink coffee. (Insert gasp here). I do, however, love a good chai tea latte.

Once I got diagnosed with celiac and went gluten free, I became very skeptical of anything thicker than its counterparts. It led me to wonder if my delicious, creamy chai tea latte was thickened with gluten.

Thankfully, this tasty treat is gluten free whether in its powdered or liquid forms – yay! So, that is one more thing I can have just like I used to (without modification) which is always a treat.

Note: Tazo Chai Tea (liquid) and Oregon Chai (liquid) are both gluten free and this is what Starbucks uses. When I researched other chai teas (liquid and powder) they all claim to be gluten free as well.

Is there a drink you used to love that isn’t GF (Orange Julius anyone!)? Have you found a liquid or powdered chai that is not gluten free?


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Cupcake Royale – Take 2 (GOOD)

After my last post about Cupcake Royale the company followed up with me via email. They offered to let me come in and try a fresh cupcake at no charge to see if my opinion was any different. No one turns down free cupcakes, so of course I said yes.

The flavor they chose? Salted caramel. Mmmmmm


To be more specific, it was a chocolate cupcake with awesomely delicious caramel frosting. It was beautiful (I apologize for the bad picture – it was taken in the car at the beginning of a long road trip with a Pomeranian on my lap) and just as delicious.

The cupcake was moist and the flavor went very well with the icing. I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a cupcake (and really, who isn’t).

My lesson learned is to eat fresh because that’s when it’s best, but really, what food isn’t? Cupcake Royale, thanks for the chance to take a fresh look at your cupcakes. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!

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